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About LB Pilates

A boutique Pilates studio based in Clapham
and run by Louise Buttler

Louise teaches the Pilates repertoire to all ages and abilities and constructs a unique Pilates programme for every individual’s goals. The studio offers private, duet and semi private classes (maximum of 3 people) and every session is tailored specifically to the client’s needs and abilities.



Pilates is a complete exercise regime designed to engage the mind and condition and strengthen the entire body.

With over 500 exercises it combines strength, flexibility and controlled breathing to reduce stress and produce longer, leaner muscles and an overall better posture.

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If you are new to Pilates, there is so much to learn not only for you but for me as well.

I like to start my client journey with an Initial Consultation (IC). An IC allows me to get to know you and your body. In this hour I will give you a thorough 1:1 lesson where I will assess your posture and overall strength and flexibility.

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At LB Pilates we are working your entire body to create longer and toned muscles and improving your posture and alignment


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